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Advantages of PVC windows

Of course, PVC windows have many important features, which made them the best in terms of use, and they became the first choice for all customers in the world, and the most prominent features that are found in windows made of PVC are the following:

PVC windows prevent water and air leaks, so the customer will feel a big difference after using these types of windows, especially in the winter season when heavy rain and strong winds.
This type of windows is known as a strong insulator of dust and dirt, which is one of the most prominent features that characterize it at all, and which most users of wood or aluminum windows suffer from.
PVC windows prevent insects from entering, because this type of window is tightly closed, so small insects, especially ants of all kinds, will not be able to enter them.
PVC windows are made of a moldable plastic material, so they do not conduct electricity, which prevents any danger in dealing with them by adults or children.
PVC windows are not affected by ignition, they are not combustible, which makes them very safe at home.

These windows live for a very long time. They are of the types that are not susceptible to cracking or cracks, as happens to other types of windows. PVC windows withstand high temperatures, which reach 80 degrees Celsius. PVC windows retain their shape and color for a long time; Because it contains a percentage of titanium dioxide.

The prices of PVC windows vary from one factory to another. There are many other things on which the prices of the windows depend, but you find that Window is the best PVC window company, offering very cheap prices because the company seeks to provide many types at different prices per meter to suit all segments of society , Each customer can protect his home or his company at the lowest possible costs. Window Company is one of the companies that does not seek to achieve material gains with cows. It seeks to serve customers and satisfy them by providing a high quality product that is unparalleled in any other factory or company working in the same field. And the use of high-quality materials, and the provision of a comprehensive guarantee on all products until he gets the product he dreams of, all of this at very special prices… If you are looking for the best PVC windows company, you should deal with Window, because it provides customers with everything they want with special specifications and features.

The company is committed to providing a high level of services and products in accordance with quality standards

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Osama Khattab

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The largest PVC windows companies in Egypt 2021

Looking for specialized and experienced PVC windows companies, deal with Window Style Company, a leader in the design and production of PVC windows to suit all tastes and all budgets. The company provides its customers with the latest safety and security features in installation, and the best engineering accuracy services in designs based on The desire of the customer, whether it is very modern or classic, and it is manufactured to match the Egyptian climate to combat extreme heat, harsh cold, heavy rain and thunder… Window Style Company continues to improve its services and products for customers, as shown in the testimony of everyone who deals with the company; This confirms the level of quality of its products and its high ability to give customers a sense of security and safety.

All components of the thermal frame are manufactured from a polymer material completely free of lead while retaining the highest level of color stability and mechanical durability. Therefore, the PVC windows offered by Window Style comply with all environmental standards using new organic stabilizers that are characterized by their high ability to resist weather with Thermal frame, and it is characterized by providing the highest resistance to wind and dust, as it does not need periodic maintenance, so you can install it and forget it for a long time, as well as it has a high ability to isolate loud sounds and noise, fire resistance, etc.

Window Style Company is one of the best PVC windows companies in Cairo because it uses the best materials in Egypt and abroad at the present time. PVC is used in all coastal places where most of its residents suffer from high humidity, and tropical and desert places where high temperatures, and hot weather , as well as crowded places full of noise and loud and annoying sounds that exhaust their residents and make them do not feel comfortable and could not sleep.

Why use PVC doors and windows?

PVC is a chemical called unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, and it is an excellent material that has many advantages that make it one of the finest chemicals used in the manufacture of windows and doors in Egypt and absolutely all countries of the world, the most important of these features:

  • Prevent water and air leaks.
  • High moisture resistance.
  • Prevent the entry of white ants.
  • It does not rust.
  • does not crack.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Excellent insulation of loud sounds, which helps to provide a quiet atmosphere.
  • Reflective of the burning sun, the surface of the PVC remains cool even after
  • Exposure to sunlight for large periods.
  • There are various colors of it; It is a good alternative to wood and aluminum.
  • Easy deformation ; From it, you can make it into several models, such as Andalusian, Roman, European, and others. There are many other advantages, if we offer them, we will not end today, and in conclusion, buy PVC windows to enjoy calm, comfort, and beauty, and it is better to rely on Window Style Company, the best PVC window manufacturer To make sure that you will get the best material and the best price in Egypt.

Why buy windows and doors from Window Style Company?

Window Style Company is one of the best PVC windows companies in Egypt because it provides its customers with all standards of quality and safety, whether in the product itself, or during the installation process. The company also offers a guarantee on all its products so that the customer feels safe. As for offers and discounts, the company offers its customers offers and discounts A monthly competition in which all companies operating in the same field in Egypt and in the whole world compete, and among the most important features of Window Style Company, the largest PVC window companies, are the following:

  • Providing excellent customer service available 24 hours a day. The employees respond to all customers and answer all inquiries, inform them of the offers and discounts offered by the company, and help customers with everything they need to know.
  • The company provides a free inspection and measurement service. Once you contact the product request, Window Style, the best PVC window company in Egypt, sends specialized technicians with high experience in this field to take measurements, and know the customer’s request in detail.
  • The company uses very high quality materials, which are unique and distinguished from the rest of the companies specialized in the manufacture of PVC doors and windows in Egypt. Raw materials are characterized by long life, and fixed colors that do not change over time.
  • Window Style Company is committed to the deadlines, at the time agreed upon with the customer, the receipt will take place without delay, and with the specifications required by each customer.
  • The company offers excellent prices to all its customers despite the quality of the materials it uses, and this is the secret of the success and distinction of Window Style Company for PVC windows in Egypt.


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