About us

Who We ARe

Doors, windows, facades
Is a leading company in the field of manufacturing doors and windows of UPVC material was established in 2013 and was developed and moved and increased the area of headquarters to become headquarters in 2019 to cover all the wishes of its customers of developments and modern designs in the field of doors and windows and the company provides the best designs from the finest sectors imported based on an integrated team and technical cadres with experience exceeding 20 years in all stages of production, as the company works on the development of industry through the best equipment and advanced machinery to implement The finest and biggest projects.

The company Vision

The company aims to become the leading company in the work of doors and windows in Egypt by upgrading the level of employees by providing maximum physical and psychological care for them and their families and expanding the scope of the company’s activity to include all the work of doors, windows, facades, shish mat, paless wire and glass cabins and the possession of technology conforming to international specifications to suit the climatic conditions in Egypt and bring high competencies whether in production or installations to provide the latest solutions of technology to the Egyptian market.

The company’s mission and objectives:

  • The company is committed to providing a high level of services and products in accordance with quality standards in order to ensure the full satisfaction of all its customers and stakeholders with business and agreements.
  • Taking into account the quality of implementation and the performance of the work in accordance with the required and agreed standards.
  • Maintaining the working environment surrounding its various elements and preventing pollution while preserving resources.
  • Doubling the Egyptian market share of UPVC systems annually and increasing cultural awareness of the extent of their need as an alternative to other systems.

Our Services

Through our possession of the finest solutions the company participated in many projects and through our presence in the market we acquired a large share of the volume of works doors, windows, glass facades, shish mat and shawar cabins.